About The Bullshit Bullet

The creation of The Bullshit Bullet was a spur of the moment decision, initially intended to feature, weekly lists and comments about  the latest  Media Bullshit  being bandied about - by our best know media personalities. 

What happened instead is, it's kind of taken on an,  'unexpected'  life of its own - that warrants a good, strong look at - who's who and what's going on behind the scenes of not only our media - but - more importantly -  behind what our politicians feed us via media - compared to what they are actually doing!

As you can see -  Canada's Public Broadcaster, the CBC  is being explored, that in itself, is something, as far as I know, most Canadians haven't done.  We've just taken it for granted its execs have our 'best interests at heart'  and have been adhering to its mandate.   It seems, that 'assumption'  is  wrong.   As a matter of fact - it seems to be in many cases - quite the contrary.  One question is leading to many others - and some are quite alarming.

Therefore,  separate pages: Canadian: US and North America are under construction and in the meantime I invite you to explore the topics - being posted.  I think - you'll be surprised.  I know I sure as hell am.

In the meantime - please scroll down the page(s) to access the Blogs.  Thanks :))

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