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Response to Dan Veniez - On his.. "The Michael Ignatieff I Know" article

Note:  Although I firmly agree with Mr. Veniez's  take on the non stop media bashing of Michael Ignatieff  etc..  I was horrified to see him brag about and 'Praise'  Quebec's Nation - Status.   
Quebec's 30 year, ongoing  Ethnic Cleansing - of its 400 year long English history - now as reviled - Les Autres (other) -  and English population in my opinion is the very last thing one would imagine anyone possessing any intellect or semblance thereof - would brag about, no?  Ergo this letter.  
Find the article from his home page:  http://www.danveniez.ca/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=2

Sent to: dan@danveniez.ca  05-24-2010 

Dear Mr. Veniez,

I read your article with great interest, having been a Federal Liberal Party Supporter - since you were 5 years old - and having lived in Quebec since 1954, I am compelled to let you know how very 'alarmed' I am to discover that Michael ignatieff - was the FIRST to recognize Quebec as a Nation  - and that you obviously SUPPORT - the continued devastation and destruction this 'supposed nationhood'  has wreaked on the OTHER Quebeckers that not only helped build the COUNTRY of Canada - but more importantly - were a vital part of the building of Quebeck - for 400 years.

This 'nationhood'  has managed nothing other than to remove  the (now called autres - other) language - rights and freedoms - that you continue to and  presently enjoy and take advantage of in beautiful BC;  but is DENIED to over 2.5 Millon Quebeckers  and was responsible for the biggest mass migration of a population that felt FORCED to leave their homes - since World War II .   It has legalized ETHNIC CLEANSING to an entirely new level that is obviously fully supported by our Present Liberal Party  - Even Though - WE  the English and Immigrant community of Quebec were Promised - over and over again - that if we were patient and supported the Federal Liberal Party  - this horrible language law and subsequent ugly discrimination we were subjected to in EVERY  aspect of our lives,  would BE RECTIFIED once the Party was re-elected!   That turned into a 30 year  continued  series of BROKEN PROMISES from our once much beloved Liberal Party.

I am writing this - because - you were obviously only  10 years old - when the disgraceful and grotesque language laws were enacted, and I have to assume you were denied the TRUTH about those "Autres"  that were such a supposed a blight on La Belle Province;  and raised with the  FALSE belief that the French language was in jeopardy and needed to be protected - from the surrounding 'Sea Of English';    And the way to do it was - to  ERASE  the  ENTIRE CULTURE and Language  of Quebec's  Other Founding People...  all  3 million of them  (notwithstanding Our Decimated  Native Population - who are the ONLY TRUE 'Founders of Canada) who had for your information - lived in HARMONY  with their  Francophone Friends, Family and neighbors for over 400 years.  So much so - that the Province had become the RICHEST and most PROSPOROUS one in Canada!   It was also one of the Best places to live in North America.

What has always puzzled and dismayed me is:  The seeming total blindness - absolute and  outright cruel  disregard- coming from supposedly worldly and educated - 'Leaders' such as yourself - when it comes to the non francophone ' community' s  PLIGHT and cries for help.   Being so educated - obviously intelligent enough to run some of our largest businesses  -  the ONLY conclusion one can possibly reach is that - you too - knowingly and deliberately support and promote - the ERASURE of an entire population OUT  of Quebec.   It is obviously  NOT for the good of Quebec - given its continued 'Bottom of the Barrel'  status  both financially and ethically - in the country - and its current UGLY reputation around the world.    So I have to ask - how on earth you can PRAISE  Quebec's  "Nation Status"?   The question is WHY.

Below is a copy of part of an ongoing Facebook dialogue, I sent, only this morning, to a young man - who asked why I wasn't posting in French.  It will give you at least a hint of the facts that one - NEVER sees printed - let alone discussed - from ANY of our supposed 'Leaders'  - who seemingly have  blindly - accepted and supported the righteousness (as if there could be such a thing to anyone with any sense of human decency, rights and morality) - of  Canada's and Quebec's  Factual Ethnic Cleansing - that will forever be etched as Canada's Greatest Shame - in future history books!   

Well Philip my dear. Here's something you may still not be AWARE of, even though I have written it countless times. First and foremost - The freedom to ENROLL into the French School System - was DENIED to population Anglo/Allo BY the French Catholic Education Board - that RULED not only the French School System - but pretty much the essence of ... the Francophone population in Quebec.
My parents tried to have us EDUCATED in FRENCH - from the moment we landed in this province - back in 1954!! We were NOT ALLOWED IN!! Therefore - because they were not rich - just poor immigrants - they could NOT Afford Private Schools and were forced to learn the French language in our schools and through our FRENCH FRIENDS. The French school system only opened to NON Francophones - AFTER the PQ took power!
Therefore: My French written grammatical skills are extremely limited to this day. And if you wonder WHY I didn't take courses etc.... to perfect my skills in French - The first reason is: Although Free French courses are offered to certain current immigrants settling in Quebec - they are STILL NOT offered to Anglo/Allos LIKE ME. We are FORCED have to pay for them - which of course ONCE Again - Denies us - ACCESS to perfecting our French; especially when you consider we have families to support and bills to pay.
I of course, 25 years ago, sent my son to French school willingly - because I wanted him to be not only bilingual - but multi-lingual. He was one of the ONLY non Francophone children in the school and I was forced to REMOVE HIM from the French education system - in the 4th., grade - because he had endured constant bullying by both the children and more importantly the TEACHERS - because he was an ANGLO. It got so bad that he developed a stutter that affected him - until his early 20's and had a profoundly painful effect on his life, as you can well imagine. AND YET - today he is FLUENT in French - although his French written skills although good - are not excellent. Experiences like that btw, were suffered by countless non Franco kids - forced into the French stream and are still happening to this day. (All the kids in our family are fluent in French - both living in Quebec and in Ontario - as are their kids.)
So, I hope you understand that we ALWAYS embraced the French language & its culture and the ONLY REASON we are not firmly entrenched in it - is because WE were NOT Allowed In! Mind you - before the Language Laws - the English community - were the ones who created the French immersion system - and did so willingly and with enthusiasm. I know - because my niece was one of the FIRST students (pre-kindergarten) in it. Her daughter aged 11 - now living in Ontario - is also enrolled in the French stream and loves it.
WE 'les autres' WERE REJECTED by the Francophone community - and NOT the OTHER WAY AROUND as you and so many others have been falsely and deliberately taught. It is up to you to find out why - you were deceived. And up to you - to ask for PROOF of the supposed Anglo SINS committed. Ask for places - names - times - etc... EX: Who - What - Where- When -Why... would be a great start. The answers and truth are there for you.
So - please note: I have no reason to make my quest or posts - based on a foundation of : 'Proving them (Language Law supporters) wrong". My quest and posts are to make sure the TRUTH is told. The TRUTH by the way - is something that EVERY QUEBECER & HUMAN BEING - DESERVE to know! Primarily because - ignorance of the facts and TRUTH - are what allows - discrimination and hatred toward ones fellow human beings to take root and to flourish! THAT and ONLY that is WHY I post. Having been born in Germany - and living the 'consequences' of THAT HORROR - is most probably what compels me to do ALL I can - to Speak Up and Out - Against ANY KIND of Ethnic Cleansing. There is NO RIGHT KIND - and NO  JUSTIFIABLE  REASON  EVER - to ERASE ANY SEGMENT of ANY SOCIETYNONE!!
Following this post - I invite you to read some of the TRUTHS you may have been denied - while growing up:  http://www.politicallyincorrectandproudofit.net/index/so-far-600-000-english-quebecers-forced-to-flee-canada-s-dirty-secret
I am going to be copying and pasting this email on the Liberal Federal Facebook Page - among others.

A reply would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Didi,

    I completely agree with you that "ignorance of the facts and TRUTH - are what allows - discrimination and hatred toward ones fellow human beings to take root and to flourish."

    This is the main reason I continue to advocate for equal rights and equal treatment for all Canadians of all backgrounds, visitors and newcomers to Canada, just as you are doing.

    We must welcome the Tamil refugees with wide open arms and show compassion and generosity to all newcomers in Canada.

    The violent Home Invasion of my home by the Barrie City Police has only strengthened my resolve to continue to be a voice, who is willing to stand up against Injustice and the erosion of Human and Democratic rights in Canada.


    Valerie Hall