Monday, March 8, 2010

CBC Montreal - Screwing - Nancy Wood - Big Time!

Update on the CBC article  March 11, article:   I'm going to ask you to bear with me on this one.   I'm  still waiting for CBC's  Audience Relations Manager, CBC's President,  CBC's Pia Marquand etc...  to return my calls, voice mails &  emails, as promised.  As a matter of fact, at this stage of the game, I'll be happy to speak with  someone. anyone, at  CBC 'Management',  about  'issues',  that need to be addressed for this article.  Mind you,  what I thought would be a pretty simple article to explore,  has instead, unearthed a bucket of worms - that really need to be explored.

I forgot to mention, just finding CBC Management  contact info.,  has taken days!!   I repeat days!!  Note:  CBC is Canada's Public Broadcaster, paid for by Canadians.  And yet, access to, management, is mind bogglingly, difficult.  It's akin to finding, a needle in a haystack.   A long story, I'll be happy to share with you, another day. 

In the meantime  I'm going to wait, until  "all attempts" to speak with a freaking department head, have been exhausted.

Till then, I suggest you take a peek at an example of what,  CBC - 'Big Shots'  really think about, Joe Public, who  - pays - their 'hot shot'  perky, salaries. 

What is exciting is:  For the first time in decades, I'm witnessing English speaking Montrealer's, taking a stand, about losing something or rather someone, that's important to them!  Praise the Lord,  they're fighting back!!  You see, years of being bullied, have conditioned them into being, a pretty subservient bunch, that doesn't dare make waves.  Believe me, they've endured, a lifetime of,  'Try the patience of a Saint',  should be screaming, damn pissed, trials and tribulations.  I'll get into that another time :)) 

What seems to have finally, broken the camel's back is:  CBC Montreal & Toronto head office,  have responded with a,  Wall Of Silence,  to thousands of phone calls - emails, open letters ... (as one CBC employee described it,  "An overwhelming amount of calls & correspondence" ), vigorously objecting to the 'unjust firing' of a 16 year, CBC staff member,  Nancy Wood.  She's like the,  last Mohican;   one of the very rare, true professional journalistsleft,  in the freaking Province!    Fired - from her CBC appointed,  "CBC's Daybreak - new - Talk Show Host", job.  No one know why!
Please try to stay with me here.  I know it must be getting a bit confusing.  All that's known is, some  idiot, YAHOO, CBC honcho, must have decided, she's  becoming  much too popular!  No, no typo...  too popular.. you read right.
Lots of stories that make 'no sense' in La Belle province.  Will get into that another time, as well.

Due to their,  'tear ones hair out'  anger & frustration, Montrealer's have created a Facebook: "Keep Nancy Wood As Host Of Daybreak",  page.   Take a peek - :!/group.php?gid=315057499163&ref=nf

To be continued........

Just to let you know:   The next Blog will  feature:  CBC - Canada's  Public Broadcast Network.  It will be posted by  Thursday, March 11th.   

Then, it's back to the good old  USA!   Then again maybe not... :)


  1. I have always found nancy to be a good journalist, but as a host I find her kind of cold. Assuming she really was fired, sorry to hear you're upset.

  2. Jacques,
    I've discovered the entire City of Montreal seems to very very upset. CBC is now claiming she has not been fired - but is misleading everyone - with a form letter stating: She was an intermittent 'Daybreak Host' - not true; and they are STILL REFUSING to discuss the 'thousands of calls, emails, etc... with anyone.
    They're claiming, employee - confidentiality - nonsense, that makes no sense - whatsoever.
    I'm surprised you find her 'cold'. Rest assured to date: You are one of (2) TWO people - from the many thousands, who love her.. that have said - they're not fond of her. Given that: I'd say one need NOT be a rocket scientist - to agree that her popularity is not only - overwhelmingly evident, one MUST - question WHY ON EARTH - CBC - removed her!!
    What troubles me (and many others) is - CBC has clearly placed Nancy Wood's ongoing career with CBC - into a NO WIN situation for her! And it's VERY OBVIOUS - they are making her life as miserable as possible. Now WHY IS THAT? One can only - conclude - they are FORCING her into a situation - where she just can 'take anymore' and will resign!!
    That is: Illegal - NO?

  3. I published this to Fagstien's blog, and the Save Nancy Crackbook page:
    Come on, the real reason Pia Marquard dropped Nancy, all during a quick and dirty change in management, was most probably because a combination of multiple reasons (which they think we do not see with their boilerplate official responses).
    1) Jealous of this woman's beauty.
    2) Jealous of her intelligence (because the daybreak people currently are not up to her level, sorry guys)
    3) Unwanted gestures from management that are TOTALLY insensitive (faceless, unaccountable bureaucratic chumps, LYING TO US THAT SHE WAS INTERIM)
    This is a classic vexatious behaviour and attack on people who push the bar.
    I would file a complaint with the Working Standards Commission Nancy, with a combination of the above reasons filed with dates and timings of the events related to the law:

    You are protected by the Labour Standards Act Nancy, even if you have a contract - when you are subject to subordination, fixed hours, and have to use CBC's equipment and not your own to do your job.

    I was attacked for being too good a worker at the Caisse de Défauts (before their colossal train-wreck in fall of 2008) for many of the above reasons, so don't give up the fight Nancy (and our great readers here in support should prove that). Funny that when I reached out of the provincial coquille we live in, Microsoft gave me an MVP award and the best technical Database think-tank in Silicon Fen (Cambridge, UK) has published my articles in both FR and EN. Second article, on Change management,.coming up soon on

    CBC management are being clearly unprofessional with respect to Nancy Wood.
    Pia, reinstate her in the morning, or I (and I hope WE, as I assume many here agree) shall formally request your resignation, this is disgusting, stop playing games with OUR MONEY.
    We want Montreal's BEST in the morning, not the sloppy seconds.

  4. Bravo Hugh!! CBC Management response, is a clear demonstration of the ongoing ABUSES against non-Francophones in the Public Sector, that's been, of course, prevalent and deliberate since the enaction of the Language laws. Here's a copy of the letter(s) sent, with questions I'd like to discuss. Dear Mr. Lacroix,

    I have been following Montrealer's attempts to reach CBC Montreal Management - since February 17th., I'm very puzzled and alarmed by
    CBC Management's lack of response, to a matter that is obviously of great concern to them; to date, met nothing other than, a wall of silence.

    It seems, Montrealers frustration with CBC Montreal is so great, they've turned to social media outlets to make their voices heard, including a Facebook page, that I must say, is one of the fastest growing, I've seen in quite some time.!/group.php?gid=315057499163&ref=mf
    It's abundantly clear they do NOT want to lose Nancy Wood under ANY circumstances.

    I'm working on an article for one of my websites about this and of course, am obligated to be as unbiased and truthful, as possible. I tell you though, it's been extremely difficult to speak with anyone at CBC. It has taken, days of digging, to find your email address, and I'm still working on trying to connect, with the nowhere to be found, and very 'elusive' Pia. As a matter of fact, access to CBC management contact info is for some strange reason, akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Given it's a Publicly owned enterprise - I have to ask - why the secrecy?

    Also, I understand that CBC spends millions of dollars a year - advertising its, new hosts and shows in every city across the country, except Montreal. Why is that?
    It also promotes community involvement in every city - except Montreal. Why is that?

    And finally - CBC Montreal, has been replacing its English Speaking Staff - from bottom to top - to the point of near extinction - when compared to the pre - language law days in Quebec; even though the majority of the Greater Montreal population is English speaking? Why is that?

    Given the stations I'm writing you about, are English and I know - the city abounds with available, experienced, exceptional, fluently bilingual Anglo media professionals - that are very much missed by the community, and yet CBC Montreal doors are closed to them. Why is that?

    Therefore - I look forward to you correcting any misconceptions, I may have and invite you to speak with me - before my article is published on March 11th.

    Respectfully yours,

  5. Hugh,
    Would you post the link to your Blog, please?



    Vexatious behaviour
    This behaviour is humiliating, offensive or abusive for the person on the receiving end. It injures the person’s self-esteem and causes him anguish. It exceeds what a reasonable person considers appropriate within the context of his work.
    -- so for her three days off in anguish etc, was that WANTED?

    Affect the person's dignity or integrity
    -- Stating that she was an Interim host and not the actual host is a clear violation of Nancy's Dignity.

    She has clear reasons for a complaint if she wishes, and CBC Managment can swallow a big piece of HUMBLE pie for treating this great host like DIRT.

  8. To Anonymous: I very much appreciate your comments that are for some reason - NOT - showing up on here my site. The page is showing an error with the comment gadget and perhaps that's the problem.
    In answer to your question on whether I'll be posting again on this site - the answer is yes I do plan on it. But it is going to take some time due to family health problems etc... I will be moving this page onto another site I have - - but again - that too has had to be put on hold. Thanks again for your kind words.