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Sample Of: CBC "Not Your Business" replies

Montrealer  outrage over the Nancy Wood firing,  not only continues, it's growing big time,  into an  'International  Movement'!  CBC is being bombarded with, thousands of: calls and letters, emails, blogs,  Facebook petitions, international petitions, Quebec journalists writing articles (French & English); ..too many to list here.
The ONLY public response from CBC Management has been:  in Henry Aubin's  Montreal Gazette column, today:  "Marquard was unavailable for an interview yesterday. "We've said what we've had to say," said a CBC spokesman."
dateFri, Mar 12, 2010 at 1:17 PM
subjectCBC Radio Daybreak

Dear Didi:

Thank you for your email of March 8. I'll respectfully disagree with your suggestion that Montrealers' attempts to reach "CBC Management" since February 17th" have been met with "a wall of silence." In fact, we have responded to numerous inquiries such as yours and from media with regard to Daybreak. We'll continue to respond to those who contact us.

We'd like to thank you for your dedication to Daybreak - and we're glad to know it's part of your weekday morning.  We also understand that because you're a regular Daybreak listener, you are concerned about our recent decision to change the show's host.
Nancy Wood joined the Daybreak team as host in August 2009.  It was not a permanent assignment and when she returns from her current absence she will begin a new assignment at the CBC. 
We understand that some of Daybreak's listeners will not only miss Nancy as the show's host, but have also asked for more details regarding our decision.  Our policy, like most organizations, is not to disclose personal and confidential information regarding our employees.  We think this is an important principle of privacy and respect for all of our employees.
We sincerely thank Nancy for her continued commitment to the CBC and most recently, while she was in the Daybreak host's chair.  We look forward to continuing to work with her when she returns.
Thank you for listening to Daybreak

To your other points: It is true that we spend considerable resources on advertising and promotion in our various markets across the country. Montreal is most certainly part of that. We do not, however, for competitive reasons discuss those amounts publicly.

And I'm afraid I must again disagree with your suggestion that there is any attempt on the part of CBC to reduce the number or limit the opportunities of its Anglophone hosts or employees. No such policy exists, nor would one be tolerated.

Thank you for taking the time to share your views.

Yours very truly,
Pia Marquard
Managing Director, Quebec
My Reply to Ms. Marquand:   
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toAudience Relations
dateFri, Mar 12, 2010 at 2:21 PM
subjectRe: CBC Radio Daybreak

Dear Pia,

1) CBC Clearly announced Nancy Wood as the NEW HOST of Daybreak.  NOT the NEW INTERIM Host - ... I repeat, the NEW Host.  
2) I suggest you read CBC's Corporate  Plan (July 2009) Summary.  It is a Public Document.  And your actions and Managements  actions - clearly - contradict  CBC's  responsibility to the public.
3) As for considerable resources on advertising etc....   I don't see how you can equate - the public questioning - WHY Nancy Wood is the ONLY one - who received  NO promotion whatsoever - with advertising competitive reasons?   No one has asked for the dollar amounts  - CBC spends.  They are asking why - Nancy Wood  - received NO promotion ! 
4) You are  obviously a newcomer to la belle province Pia.  I'm talking about the - 30 year - record of CBC Montreal, & Radio Canada (Mtl.)   of replacing  English Employees - from bottom to top - with French Employees.   From floor sweepers on up.
The English (Anglo) employment opportunities have certainly been both limited and reduced.
5) As a matter of fact: (and notwithstanding 59% of the budget dedicated to new French stations in Three Rivers, Sherbrooke,  etc...)  It seems the trend is going to continue - right through 2014 - according to the Corporate Plan Summary.    Clearly stated:  Plan... Priorities: French  HR strategy: recruit, train and develop; Begin a new era in labour  (note: it's 56% - I made a typo)
Recruit, train, retain and empower a skilled workforce; Work towards a more positive Union- Management relationship
Increase diversity in On Air staff and our workforce, Enhance creativity and empowerment of staff relations; Implement a diversity action plan; Build versatile, multiplatform production teams;  Revise succession plans for Radio, News and regional centres;  Succession: focus on Western Canada.... versus:  The ENGLISH  - see page 20  of the document....   (nothing)

I'd say - my statement - and questions  are very valid - and serious, no?  Again, I'd be more than happy to discuss - any misconceptions you believe I may have.

To be continued..... 

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  1. She simply doesn't even reply to my e-mails, even when I invoke the law violated (psychological harassment)..just simply no reply. So these bureaucratic bullies think they can just ignore ethics code and prov. law violations, talk about ARROGANCE, perfectly described by the Gazoo as Grinches (rice-bowl breakers).