Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Bull - Media Personality REVIEW LIST # 1

1) Rush Limbaugh: So full of shit - it's streaming out of his mouth.
2) Bill O'Rielly: A proven cheater & liar - he has, what - to say?
3) Larry King: Where did the 'Real' Larry King go?
4) Glen Beck: Dear God, Please save us! - Amen.
5) Jay Leno: Lost his 'Funny'. I don't understand, why I still like him.
6) Dave Letterman: Lost his Belly Laugh 'Funny'. Love his 'Wit'.
8) Jon Stewart: Like a 'Fine Wine' . Can't get enough. Pour another glass, please.
9) Bill Maher: See... Jon Stewart review... "Ditto".
10) Newt Gingrich: See.. Bill O'Rielly/Rush Limbaugh reviews.... "Ditto"
11) Pat Robertson: Dear God... Please heal him! - Amen.
12) Katie Couric: A 'Good Girl" who does as she's told.
13) Lou Dobbs: Arrogance run 'Amok".
14) Chris Mattews: Winner of - "Speak Out Of Both Sides Of Mouth" Contest.
15) Dick Morris: Winner of - "Biggest Dick" Contest.
16) Nancy Grace: Queen of: You ARE GUILTY - whether you are or not!!
17) Wolf Blizter: Look folks: No Bull - No Bias, the guy just wants to keep his job.

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