Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Letter Sent to: Henry Aubin- Gazette, Heritage Minister & CBC President.

The Nancy Wood outrage  is steaming.  Here's the latest letter I sent on the subject.  CBC remains SILENT.  Their contempt for the English Montreal community becomes more evident every day.

Dear Mr. Moore,

Following up on my first email to you  - I'm forwarding you an email sent to Henry Aubin of  The Montreal Gazette.
And I will be posting a copy of this email  on Facebook  and my blogs as well.   I look forward to this very serious matter being addressed by your office  and that the Erasure of CBC English Local Programming  in Montreal and Quebec - be reversed immediately.

Dear Mr. Aubin,

I'm one of the many that have not only written and tried to reach Ms. Marquand by phone;  I've also written and called Annette Kirk and spoke with her colleague Tanya, who told me they were overwhelmed with calls and emails.  Tanya reassured me that Annette Kirk would definitely return my call and she also gave me Annette's email address.   The calls were not returned and her email address came back undeliverable.    I've also written Hubert Lacroix, James Moore (Heritage & Language Minister) to voice my concerns about CBC's 5 year corporate plan  - 38 pages... read it 4 times. http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/submissions/

Because:   Mr. Lacroix  makes it very clear in the plan - that one of CBC's  top priorities is  (paraphasing here)  to  establish locations and a strong presence, across the country for regions 'minority communities'.   He stated that most of the,  56% of the budget would go to the Francophone population in Quebec by building 4-5 new locations throughout Quebec ex: Sherbrooks, Trois Rivieres etc...   and more French stations  in Western Canada. 

The English community of Montreal for some reason doesn't qualify - because we are more than 1 million people and understand English.  What he fails to mention is that English CBC programming has been systematically  diminished  to a point of non existence.  We are offered almost no local programming  and/or  CBC hosts, personalities etc.    Nor  do we have access to ...  all the CBC community involvement, he so glowingly  describes as 'crucial  to the community...'  

He also fails to mentioned that CBC French content, locations etc.. are almost over represented in Quebec:  and yet - he feels its - crucial  4- 5 more locations - are built along with everything that comes with it - recruiting, training - promoting etc...

Now you tell me:  WTF !!!   Anglo Quebecers  -  in Montreal and Quebec  -  get  NOTHING  - and the most they can hope for, according to Mr. Lacroix -  is  that they hope to "Maintain what is there now"  Maintain -  What?  CBC has erased it down to  Nothing already.   Obviously  - the PLAN  - is to Erase it completely  and the only CBC local content we will get - will be from Toronto!   He's made it very, very, clear it is not OUR CBC.  It is his CBC.

If that is not blatant discrimination  and  a disgraceful use of our  significant TAX dollars  --  and another punch in the stomach to  "Les Autres"  - then I don't know what is.   This man should be FIRED  immediately for violating  CBC's  BIAS regulations.  

A copy of this letter will be sent to:  James Moore  and Hubert Lacroix

Didi Miesen

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  1. Was there any follow-up on this letter? It is really disgusting what is happening to the English community in Quebec.