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CBC's Respecting Regions Minority Population - Bullshit

Note**  All requests to CBC - to discuss these issues - are being ignored.  As a matter of fact - CBC continues to ignore the thousands of messages - protests etc...  asking why  it fired Nancy Wood for being too popular!!!/group.php?gid=315057499163&ref=mf

(**Note**  The bolds  and italics  below are mine.) 

CBC's Corporate Plan has become a very interesting (bullshit ??) read:  Throughout the document CBC President, Hubert Lacroix,  stresses  CBC's respect for Canada's 'Diversity'  and its dedication to  serving & respecting the minority population regions.  Here are some  quotes from  Mr. Lacroix.... describing 'his take' on it. 

Page 1.  "...An additional source of satisfaction has been the progress we are making towards becoming a truly integrated organisation.  We no longer see ourselves as a broadcaster with  separate and discrete media lines; we see ourselves, and we increasingly behave, as an organisation in which everyone collaborates and shares resources to generate deeper, richer content that we make available to audiences on whatever platform they prefer. That is why we refer to ourselves as a content company."

Page 2.  "...We believe that the new framework points the way for CBC|Radio-Canada to become even better at using its limited resources to reach more Canadians in more ways with unique Canadian programming."

Page 2-3.  "Our new strategic framework was arrived at not only through extensive consultation with CBC|Radio-Canada employees and the Senior Executive Team, but also through taking into account the results of an in-depth review of the broadcasting environment in which we operate.
We believe that it is essential to offer our Canadian content on multiple platforms, and we intend to increase our investment in this area. A strong regional presence is also fundamental for a public broadcaster, and we intend to increase or, at a minimum, maintain our level of investment in the regions so that we can better reflect local needs and concerns."

Note** the only increase  is going to be spent to substantially increase CBC's French content - new stations, hiring, promotion etc...  throughout Quebec and Canada !!   That's it!!  Nothing else for Canadian content  and more importantly - NOTHING, NOTHING FOR ENGLISH Montreal with its Quebec minority label - but Greater Montreal majority fact (pop. 2+ million) - continues to be Erased FROM  CBC - as quickly as possible.  Why ??  When the greater Montreal area contributes 69% of Quebec's budget !! 

Page 5.   "...We have earned that trust by consistently offering audiences Canadian content they will not
find anywhere else. Only with CBC|Radio-Canada do they have the opportunity to learn from, comprehend and connect with one another, and to watch and listen to stories made by, for and about Canadians. Only here will they find diverse Canadian viewpoints and a wide range of informed opinion every day.  In other words, our content helps audiences understand and participate in what it means to be Canadian. In a time of virtually unlimited media choice and increasing social change, our content is a unifying force that helps counter the risk of regional and cultural differences fragmenting and isolating the citizens of Canada."  Note**  CBC in Montreal & Quebec continues  TO FRAGMENT AND ISOLATE English Quebeck content - out of existence.. 

Page 27.  (read document for new French stations throughout Canada etc...)

"Roughly 56% of the capital budget over the next three years is planned to be spent on production infrastructure, master control and presentation facilities, where major initiatives include replacing failing obsolete equipment, centralised radio master control, modernising radio production facilities, establishing regional French Television stations in Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke and Saguenay as part of the Cogeco disaffiliation, updating the Toronto broadcast facilities which are approaching 20 years of age, upgrade of  the Centre de l’Information (CDI) complex in Montreal, further rollout of Desktop Television production, a major facility improvement and integrated newsroom investment in Vancouver and some High Definition Television (HDTV) production investments to replace existing standard definition assets which have reached their end-of-life. Assets in this area are increasingly unsupported by vendors and the move to computer based production technology is accelerating the refresh cycle. Approximately 10 per cent of the budget is planned to be spent on corporate-wide systems and technology infrastructure. Specific initiatives include a Corporate Newsroom system project, completion of an HR Talent Management system, phone system upgrades and updates to server infrastructure and software."

See the CBC Plan in its entirety here:

Ask: James Moore - Canada's Minister of Heritage & Language: 

phone: 613-992-9650,  email:

Ask  him:   WHY CBC is  deliberately, violating it's  claim:  to honor & reflect  Canada's Diversity" bullshit - by ERASING CBC's English Media Content and ask why the ONLY Diversity CBC is concentrating on for the next 5  Years is:   The Promotion and growth of French only outlets - throughout Quebec & Canada. 56% of CBC's ENTIRE budget is being dedicated to this. 

This is what CBC's President defines as concentrating on Canada's Diversity ??  Cleansing English CBC out of Quebec - Montreal - is respecting a regions Minority ????

to be continued.......

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