Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit, actions from CBC?

Crucial questions, CBC's President, Hubert Lacroix, Our Minister of Heritage & Culture, James Moore and our CRTC (names to follow) - have to answer and explain to Canadians.

Why, has the CBC steadily erased just about all - CBC English local programming in Montreal and Quebec: when in fact their 'supposed mandate', is to grow English Quebecers programming in Quebeck.. because, we are the OFFICIAL Minority population in Quebec, and recognized as such by Canada:

And - given, CBC's responsibility is, to concentrate on growing - French local programming -OUTSIDE- Quebec, NOT inside Quebec, because Francophones are Officially a Minority group, as we all know - in the rest of Canada, and the MAJORITY in Quebec; why has CBC spent so much of its budget, over the past few decades, on French programming IN Quebec - and yet NOTHING on English programming IN Quebec?

Why has CBC instead ... built 10 French stations IN Quebec, plans on building another 4-5 more IN Quebec, bringing the total to, around 15 French CBC locations - where the French population IS the Majority! Not to mention, Quebec had, and has, an 'overabundance' of, privately owned Francophone and French CBC media locations and outlets!

As for Canada's other minority group, Anglo Quebecers, who desperately need local programming from CBC: not only has CBC done NOTHING for them; why has CBC in Quebec, ERASED, just about, ALL Anglo local programming?

Why does the only mention of, in his 5 year Corporate Plan about CBC's English programming in Quebec, CBC President, Mr. Lacroix, have the nerve to say - he "Hopes to Maintain what is there".
WTF?????? He, HOPES, to maintain NOTHING ??... (note the word, hope!)

And - how can he have the nerve, to glowingly describe, the importance of building even more French locations in Quebec?

Again, why is he spending CBC's 'limited' budget, to open more, 'absolutely unnecessary' French locations, while CBC English programming is close to becoming EXTINCT? (Is this the REAL CBC Plan, for English minority local programming and has this been the REAL Plan all along? It's sure looking like it, no?)

Why has the Presidient of CBC - not concentrated on building the - absolutely necessary, English local programming, as per its 'mandate' and as per the 'Broadcasting Act'? Remember, we're talking about, 2.5 million Anglos in the greater Montreal area!

How can CBC violate its own mandate - its responsibility to the Public - and so very, blatantly discriminate, against English speaking Quebeckers?

From what I understand, from Mr. Lacroix's own speeches and writings: CBC is ethically and legally bound to support and promote, Minority population - Local Programming. As a matter of fact, he certainly seems to be saying that, that, is his top priority in his 5 year plan!

If that's the case - why do his actions scream - the exact opposite?

Another very important question is: Who, what, where, when and why - has allowed this 'disgrace' to go forward?

To be continued.....


  1. One good reason I see CBC irrelevant as a TV broadcaster in Canada.There is no more CBC for Canada first.It has become a sponge for the so called elite to continue on bringing Canadians trash at the Taxpayers expense.

    Mike B -Ottawa.

  2. I've been out here in Arizona for the past 15 years so I am not as familiar with all things CBC as others are.

    But I have noticed this: Robert Scully's "The World Show" appears on our local PBS station here each week. It is an English language program and from what I can tell it is produced and taped in Montreal.

    Well, in the credits, there are very few English names. To the extent that a surname indicates membership in a linguistic group, how is it that there are so few English names and practically all French names?

    I'd like to know the breakdown of anglophone/francophone employees at CBC Montreal to see if it adequately reflects anglophone's share of the Montreal population.

    After all, the Quebec civil service with 0.8% (that's 8/10th of 1%) representation of anglophones (when anglos make up about ten times that percentage in the population) is well known for their bias and prejudice. No reason we can't make up for it in CBC hirings and employment. Indeed, there should be compensation for the horrible UNDER representation in the Quebec civil service by OVER compensating in places like the CBC.

    That would be fair, no?

  3. Enforcement of minority quotas within QC are the only solution, their projection of the model-quebecois onto Federal institutions also within the province leaves us jobless, just like Nancy.

  4. Tony: Believe it or not, since you've been gone it's gotten even WORSE. Canada's Dirty Ethnic Cleansing Secret in Quebeck - not only continues - but its reached a whole new level of contempt against Anglo Quebeckers.
    I remember back in the days I first used the term 'ethnic cleansing' going on in Quebec - to Tommy - when he was still a newbie talk show host on AM 600; and he laced into me for daring to, as he said, "sully" what German & European Jews were forced to endure - by comparing what was happening to Anglos in Quebec. It was our first 'public fight on radio'. In a way, it was easy to understand, his reaction because, after all who could have fathomed something so grotesque could or would happen here in Montreal, in Canada, in North America. Like I said to him at the time... "What should we do - wait until they build ovens - to use the term?" Of course at the time I was labeled one of those Anglo Extremists. But as time went on - Quebec's 'ethnic cleansing' started to be called "SOFT ethnic cleansing". And all the while - the rest of Canada was kept - blithely unaware - of the truth - by our National Media and ALL our politicians. One would think that accusations of Canada allowing 'ethnic cleansing' of any kind - would be publicly vigorously denied and loudly and clearly - no? Nope - nothing of the sort. What it has continued to do - is IGNORE the accusations - because they're true of course and adding even more insult to injury - by PROMOTING it!!
    Thank God for the internet. Because at last, the muzzling of this GROTESQUE (can't think of another adjective) TRUTH IS FINALLY, ABLE TO BE MADE PUBLIC.

    As for Robert Scully - lol... I had no idea he even has a show - let alone one being filmed in Montreal! As for English names on CBC's English programming credits... hell... I'm surprised there are any!

    Another example of this type of lunacy: Take a look at the number of English Management names & or staff - at The Montreal Gazette... or anywhere for that matter. Like I said: it's grotesque. Please keep posting your input and please post access to your books on the subject. (I'm dealing with illness in the family at the moment - and just haven't had time to feature your terrific works yet).

  5. Hugh: The problem with your suggestion is it MAKES PERFECT SENSE. And it's something Anglo Quebecers, have been pleading for - for decades! We all know, being freaking STARVED OUT OF THE WORKFORCE - is freaking ILLEGAL. But then again - this is Quebec and this is CANADA - where ethnic cleansing - seems to have been written INTO our Charter!!

  6. PS: Have a peek at what happened to the ONLY English Language Daily (the Montreal Gazette) left in the entire Province!!

    And the type of 'lectures' we get about our station - in Quebec - from Kim Fraser - on CJAD:

  7. Mike: Sadly I have to agree with your definition of, it used to be, 'OUR CBC'. Then again, it's up to us to get off our behinds - and show these 'creatures' who've stolen it out from under us - who it BELONGS TO.

    Time to let Canadians know, how thoroughly we're being screwed, no? And it's time to DEMAND - what's OURS - BACK.

    Hell - who knows, this may just be what brings Conservatives & Liberals together - speaking as ONE - as United Citizens of Canada :):)

    To those reading this who believe, that is impossible, please know: if Mike - a die hard Conservative, and me, a die hard - hold my nose- Liberal - can do it (trust me we've had our share of political, battles royal)- it's possible :):) Miracles do happen.

  8. You know what I have noticed over the past five months, is that the articles critical of the Caisse and ever of QC society are removed from the server, and only still exist on die-hard separatist sites. The Gazoo has been taken over on top, or bows like good slave to the Caisse de Depots when it gets legal threats (probably). Or there is a gutsy article section that politically incorrect articles are automatically purged - gutless editors are labelling them? No idea, trying to get inside the head of the Gazette censoring I have noticed - many of my old articles links no longer work (even google cached not there often).
    So the proof of muzzeling is astounding, just noticing how they are trying to muzzel Nancy now, and isolating her for her co-workers because she spoke out regarding how our rights are seen as invisible, Bernard Landry's comments were totally inappropriate, that we are treated well by the govt. (and only have to wait 18-20 months for any resolution if they phrack up), and you are stepped on by a Blueneck in the office space.
    It's just like Les Voleurs d'enfance meets Les Invasions Barbares, bureaucratic warfare is the norm here and vicitims or workplace bullying are shunned (treated worse than the perpetrator), and we get the worst of it as the minority, as well!

  9. few of the canadian victims of quebec ethnic cleansing of anglos from quebec speak out anymore, no one cares, as we all watch The canada of today, a far cry from the canada of past days when people were proud to be canadian. Now we all sit back and watch the lawyers and the appointed senate, pass predatory laws enabling the elitest with ever increasing power and the common canadian getting less and less, the closer they come to actually breaking up canada and get on par with the usa where universal education, health and nofault doesn't exist, the USA has 4 times as many lawyers and doctors per capita as canada, and the healthcare is much worse, and 15 times as many citizens are in jail, for the cash it brings into the legal community. Don't let them do it to you. They live among you pretending to be one way, but acting the opposite. Their culture believes deception is the way to rule your country. Investigate the vast number of new settlements going on in eastern canada, where they plan to take over entirely, they reproduce themselves every 17 years, western canada, has 1,9 children per family. I enjoyed the Trudeau Years, his vision of a bilingual unified canada, better health, education, wealth for all in the 1st rated country of the world, in the quality of life, being torn apart by those hiding in secular communities among you, making plans decades away, praying, cursing, you, your families, plotting against you. The vast ignorance the firstborn develop stoned on tempal balls (afigani hashish) they smoke in high temple, treating their women like cattle, hooking up with the israelis, buying and selling people and body parts, wake up, kick them out of politics, watch who does what when where and why in immigration. don't let them drag you down. Remember, they say good morning and curse you behind your back while smiling

  10. seems like didi and hugo are about the only two who still care enough to speak out, the rest are probably thinking they may be blacklisted, and end up in the white noise , or worse. the worse you will never read about in the gazette of ethnic cleansing anglos from quabec. the st lawerence seaway is a swift and fast, and the fish are hungry and very poisoned, from the mine tailings. The murder rate in montreal reported by the police reflects the honesty of the police

  11. Hello Anonymous,

    Forgive the absence of an earlier reply. A family member died and it knocked the wind out of me for a while.
    I do believe that not only are Anglos starting to get a spine again, also more and more people are blogging and speaking up about it. I know that Blogs like: AngryFrenchGuy - are devoted to decry any Deny all truths (He's banned me and Tony Kondak)s concerning the ethnic cleansing going on in Quebec; so we must be having much more of an effect than he anticipated. He used to post all submissions - but if you take a look at his site these days, it seems the only one he's talking to is himself and a couple of his supposed supporters (whose writing styles are identical to

    Unfortunately the pretend English Gazette - is free to publish utter bullshit when it comes to the state of our existence in la belle province - because they refuse to allow its readers any source for comment. Then again, I doubt the "Save the French language in Quebec - devotee - Managing Editor Raymond Brassard - would look kindly at having his skewing of the truth - outed. And explains the lack of advertising revenue as a 'sign of the times' instead of recognizing - its ex readership is disgusted with its contents and that is why it's in the toilet! See:

    Our National Media is totally controlled by the politicians who for some unknown reason - support Quebec's Ethnic Cleansing - and removal of Rights and Freedoms of its Canadian citizens.- in the province. But thanks to the internet - the TRUTH is finally able to surface - and the House of Lies - is starting to crumble.